Glass Repair Ontario

Glass Repair Ontario

24 Hour Glass Repair Ajax Ontario

Doors & Windows supply repair and installation.
Glass replacement.
Residential commercial storefront industrial
Available on call 24 hours a day.


GTA commercial glass replacement

We specialize in emergency commercial glass replacement for doors, windows, and office partitions. Our services include aluminum glass windows and doors, commercial door hinges, closers, exit bars, and handicap devices. Serving the Greater Toronto Area, we offer prompt and reliable solutions for your specific needs.

GTA storefront glass replacement

For urgent situations, our services include emergency storefront glass replacement for doors and windows. We specialize in aluminum storefront replacement, as well as repairing and replacing aluminum glass doors and windows.

Our expertise extends to door hinges, exit bars, closers, and handicap advice. We offer swift solutions for locks repair and replacement.

In case of a break-in, our 24/7 on-call service ensures immediate storefront glass replacement. Trust us for quick and reliable assistance in securing your property.

GTA residential glass replacement

Emergency glass replacement for doors and windows, glass walls, glass railing, 24/7 emergency glass break-in replacement on call, entry glass door, sliding patio glass doors, glass windows replacement, serving all greater Toronto.


Our company has a location in the Greater Toronto Area and serves all of the local communities. Our area of expertise is Windows and Doors for both residential and commercial buildings.

We are available around the clock, day or night, across the Greater Toronto Area for any project or emergency glass and door repair requirements. exclusively over the phone or by appointment.

24/7 emergency break-in repair and replacement services

Storefront, residential, commercial
Broken glass door or windows replacement.
Broken Door or window repair service.
We are on call all across greater Toronto area.


Our proficient team excels in replacing glass, restoring storefronts, windows, doors, and glass partitions to a pristine condition. Whether the glass is foggy, damaged, shattered, cracked, or outdated, we guarantee a result that is as good as new.


Whether for your house, a business venture, or a storefront, we specialize in installing, repairing, or replacing residential and commercial windows.


For your house, structure, or place of business, we handle the installation and maintenance of residential or commercial doors with expertise and precision.

Commercial door & window Commercial glass replacement

Supplying, repairing, and replacing commercial doors and windows is our expertise. Additionally, we offer 24-hour commercial glass replacement services. Our range includes steel, fire-rated, metal, wood, and aluminum glass doors. We specialize in security doors, providing comprehensive door hardware supply and installation services.

High-Low Rise Building doors & windows, balconies glass doors

Doors and windows, sliding glass doors supply & repair and installation.
Glass replacement for doors and windows
Building entry commercial glass door supply repair and installation
Commercial entry door glass replacement


Glass craftsmen with many years of expertise who specialize in windows and doors. experts who possess the care and skills necessary to complete any task.
Built to Canadian standards, stunning doors highlight the entranceways to your house or place of business.


We are experts in Glass Replacement. For more than 20 years, GTA Glass has provided assistance to households and business owners with their glass replacement needs. working around the Greater Toronto Area.


At GTA Glass, we bring quality, knowledge, and precision to every project. Our use of premium construction supplies tailored to the Canadian climate ensures reliability and longevity. When you choose to work with our organization, rest assured that you’re collaborating with the best professionals, delivering the finest results.



Residential windows

A contemporary window opening with style, where the windows are hinged to the frame.

Commercial windows

Top-hinged gorgeous appealing windows arranged vertically that swing the bottom edge outwards.

Storefront windows

A wonderful functional window that opens by sliding horizontally.

Windows hardware

A gorgeous delightful large window of one pane of glass. Does not open.

Windows repair

A modernized functional window that is egressed for entry or exit in case of an emergency.

Window replacement

A stunning gorgeous window built outward from a building outside wall.

Windows service

A stunning gorgeous window built outward from a building outside wall.

Windows installation

A gorgeous delightful large window of one pane of glass. Does not open.

Residential & commercial

A gorgeous delightful large window of one pane of glass. Does not open.

24/7 emergency service

A gorgeous delightful large window of one pane of glass. Does not open.


Residential Interior Doors:

Crafted with strength in mind, our steel interior doors provide durability and reliability.

Residential Exterior Doors:

Elevate your home with modern and stylish fiberglass exterior doors that perfectly complement the door surround.

Commercial Interior Doors:

Experience elegance with outward-swinging door panels that add a touch of sophistication to commercial spaces.

Commercial Exterior Doors:

opt for sliding, ergonomic doors that combine style and functionality for a stunning entrance to commercial establishments.

Residential Entry Doors:

Embrace flexibility with our retractable screen doors, seamlessly housed at the edge for a delightful and functional entryway.

Commercial Entry Doors:

Introducing tilt & turn doors – modern, stylish, and wide, offering ventilation options and operating on a specialized hinge system.

Storefront Entry Doors:

Make a statement with tilt & turn doors that boast wide openings, providing ventilation or swinging open, all on a specialized hinge system.

Storefront Installation:

For storefronts, our tilt & turn doors offer modern style, wide openings, and flexible ventilation options, operated on a specialized hinge system.

24/7 Emergency Service:

Our tilt & turn doors not only add modern elegance but also provide emergency access 24/7, operating on a specialized hinge system.


Our comprehensive glass solutions cater to diverse needs. In office spaces, our glass panes serve as functional, pleasing, and ergonomic room dividers, enhancing the workspace environment. For bathrooms, our glass doors redefine elegance with modern appeal, featuring stylish shower enclosures free of metal edges. The allure continues with our glass windows, offering a sleek and frameless bathtub enclosure for a seamless bathing experience. In both residential and commercial settings, our glass walls provide delightful functionality, safeguarding furniture like dining tables and desks. Elevating aesthetics, our glass railing, supported by aluminum posts, adds a touch of modern elegance. Whether for storefronts, commercial spaces, residences, or industrial settings, our aluminum-post-supported glass panels ensure a consistent theme of modern elegance. Moreover, we stand by our commitment with 24/7 emergency services, utilizing the same elegant and durable aluminum-supported glass panels for swift and reliable solutions in urgent situations.


GTA Glass Windows and Doors, trusted professionals in Glass, Windows, and Doors, excel in residential, commercial, and industrial projects. With a steadfast reputation in Toronto and beyond, our cost-effective solutions, showcased in satisfied clients, reflect our commitment to excellence. Contact us today for top-notch Glass, Windows, and Doors services, assured of our proficient approach.


For prompt and responsive glass, windows, and doors services in Ontario or the Greater Toronto Area Region, contact our company today. In the event of an emergency glass, windows, and doors situation, you require trusted contractors with a proven track record of proficiency to handle the job efficiently.


Our certified team excels in all facets of glass, windows, and doors, ensuring effective project handling with specialized attention. As your one-stop contractor, we specialize in professional windows and doors projects, collaborating with major brands and using diverse glass types for precision installation. With over 10 years of success, GTA Glass Windows and Doors prioritize superior customer service, consistently exceeding expectations.